The Unwanted

The deep mysticism,
The unexplained versions
& a desperate heart;
All it needs to make
Another story
Or yet similar to someone’s,
The darkness surrounding
The light of motivation
Wondering for the path,
To come its own way
Or maybe the time
Will bring it together
In suspense of the next
The unknown takes its toll
A desire for an understanding
Only can come from inside
Help can be answered by us
Nor any other claim onto it
A way we can find ourselves
In a catastrophe or when lost
When the time comes
At its exactness or maybe further
Not only i can know
But some other may come
My hand’s there waiting
My eyes set welcoming
I sense the aura to one
I desire to touch, to feel
All of this yet
Not a single explanation
Further into that question
That i began with
Or maybe i have to start again
I’ll do that, or at least i hope
Will manage up to my limit
Some may come and ask for some
Up to then there’s time for me
To fulfil what my discourse is
Till then, i’ll be here
You’ll see me & i can’t
Yet the hearing can suffice
The understanding of
Our own prayers
Not to one,
But to self….


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