Raise Your Eyes

Can’t respect them,

if you can’t raise your eyes;

up to the face to look them in the eye,

not the curved shape of back and breasts

with what you try to define them,

to treat them like a meat,

is same as looking at that piece of flesh,

one very much desires to eat;

can’t help them,

if you don’t help others understand.

I see men with mouths wide open

when she goes their way,

rapist in the eyes,

lust in the mind,

and a chance to commit the crime.

They say she should stop wearing what she wants,

could led to a wrong declaring right,

i say to her,

bullshit to all these thoughts,

have it your way, clothes or not,

short or long, show or hide,

let them have a look,

tell them it’s your choice, not theirs

Let them come and try,

to scratch your body, but never your soul

fight back hard, and others will join you

break their bones, break their minds,

free them from their swamp of “ideas”

that they can conquer you,

like a trophy of a wrestling game

Give them a fight,

declare your right,

once n for all,

look them in the eye,

let them know where your personality lies,

equality for you, for all

no oppression, no discrimination,

just a life of respect, of freedom,

no conditions, no restrictions, no fear

much time has already gone,

Now, its time to create an army of ideas,

to fight what rules their ill and pathetic n p patriarchal minds,

before it’s too late…


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