Have i come too far?

Have i come too far?

Or is it just the beginning of an era

I’ve started towards an unending dilemma

or is it like a pond; once you step in, you always want to know its depth,

or is it like the rain which gets you wet; drops you feel as they fall, some from sky & some from eyes

or is it like the beginning of a feast after you have been kept hungry for days

or is it the first light you have seen after years of darkness around you

Truth is i don’t know what it is?

I’m just a wanderer,

in the midst of people who is looking for nothing other than himself

No expectations kept, no feelings alive

But a streak of hope that someday i will get what i really want

in this journey to live and feel alive again

or maybe a peaceful death of my way to leave the world of meanings & misinterpretations of kind…


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