Only names

I heard they would go there

the people in love, i mean

there was an abandoned amphitheater

just outside the town

a big wall at the back

trees all around

leaves covered the ground

I walked there just to see

there was no one today

not even a breeze

there were names on the wall

lots of hearts made up

different sizes

names mean nothing to me

they are insignificant

but i wonder how those letters

makes me think of someone

so many dreams here

so many promises made

i have come here before

many times, yet i do not remember

any names, they are new every time

i think whether they come back here

to see what they left behind

to recollect what they felt

why did i come here

i am not in love

i was once i think

but not now, not again

no one will remember my name

in the name of love

i write my name letter by letter

as i reach the last letter

i lost my patience

i threw the rock

no name, never

i shout to call every name here

do not come back here

you will only find names

and no love.




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